by T Σ Λ Λ Đ Θ Γ Λ



1. Virgin Forever (05:29)
2. Pre-Agriculture Languageless Culture (05:01)
3. Don't Expect a Stradivarius (03:21)
4. The Only One (05:05)
5. Following The Sound (05:44)
6. Uncertainty is Being (05:06)
7. Wake Up Call (04:45)
8. Abstaining Fever (06:58)

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"This might well be the most intimate, spellbinding and heart-breaking song I’ve stumbled across this year."
No Fear of Pop, Berlin Blog

"You music belongs in a David Lynch film...
so so beautiful. I do not know what to say."
Kawabata Makato (founder of Acid Mothers Temple)

"An enigmatic folkie with an angelic voice, Teaadora Nikolova uses squiggling electronics and
folksy acoustic guitar in solo material that’s sometimes dreamy and sometimes nightmarish—
but always compelling." San Diego Beat

"Wonderful music on your myspace page!"
Rhys Chatham (www.rhyschatham.net)


released January 1, 2012

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Artwork By Mikaylah Bowman (Photos), Jean De Lacoste (Text/Layout), and Teaadora Nikolova

Jean D.L.


tags: Chicago


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T Σ Λ Λ Đ Θ Γ Λ Chicago, Illinois

Teaadora Nikolova (born May 20th, 1986) is an American singer and artist, known for art performance, and her minimalist lo-fi droning abstract songs.

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Track Name: Pre-Agriculture Languageless Culture
Far away in a distant, a distant land, a purer reality,
untounched by the hand of a man.
Theres all the animals are there all mimicking our lives,
they have been watching throughout time.
The rhino is the guard at the gates of the garden,
The frog is the comic, joker frog like the rhino guard.
And the cat is the little haughy poser, posing for photos,
posing for all those. ... and the dog with the frisky paw,
has the nose of a detective. They all live undetected.
They live without language. They live without language.
They live without language. They live without language.
Purer realities and Purer realities, Purer Realities,
Purer Realities without toungues and words.
Track Name: Don't Expect a Stradivarius
Don't you go.
I want you to know.
I can work for us
and maybe fix us.
Don't expect perfect Love.
Track Name: The Only One
When we first met, I used to make you laugh.
You raised the stakes, for a lover to stay.
You said I was the sun.
When we had our final fight, you said I ruined
the only meaningful thing you found in your life.
You meant I was the one
You said you never told anyone.
It's what you meant when I said I was the sun.
I didn't know what that meant then I was too young.
Too young.... to hold on...
I learned in my destruction
Either way, I could not be the one.
The savior... with love another one.
If you are not giving all you can.
If you're not the one and they're not the one.
Learning to be alone is learning to love...
Its seems now a days, its the most forgotten,
if you are not someone, you are not going to find the one.
Because first you have to be the one.

Recorded in October 2010 in Full Moon
Song to be released on 2011 release
Track Name: Following The Sound
I'll be following the sound
through the liase of folkways,
chase of archways, forèt's, bays and days.
...with strumming life so slow
holding the voices of being
together through the highs and lows.

I'll be following the sound
through the towns of people and their cars,
their houses and children in rows...
through the cities of machines and their poor,
their factories and children in war.

I'll be following the sound
through the ways and ways that people change,
we'll born to reform our ways
Arts a start but its not just for the beauty of heart
Track Name: Uncertainty is Being
Found a way
Found a way
to be free
to be free
You have to believe.
You have to believe.
You have to believe.
To be free.

I want to be free like everyone
but can you live in uncertainty?
That's how you be free,
everyone wants to be free.

I know that it's crazy to believe.
I know it's crazy to believe.
We will see.
Track Name: Wake Up Call
I get my wake up call from the sun.
The rays fall upon, my fresh fleshy skin.
It bleeds the burden. I am new again.